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Car Air Conditioning : The Facts Contrary to what most people think, air conditioning in a car is more important in winter than in summer. This is because it dehumidifies the air making the driving environment healthier and safer and allowing the windows to demist quickly. It also prevents dampness and smells inside the car. Air conditioning cleans the air of pollen, dust etc., especially important for those with respiratory problems, allergies or asthma. Air conditioning systems can lose up to 10% of their coolant in a year. Also, manufacturers may save money by not completely filling the system in new cars. As the coolant level diminishes the pump has to work harder.So, not only is the system less effective it also costs more to run. Routine maintenance is essential for optimum performance and to prevent the need for costly repairs. It's not just a matter of draining the refrigerant gas and replacing it, the proper machinery is vital. Michael May has the latest equipment to remove air, water, dirt and spent coolant from your system and replace it 100% with new refrigerant. The difference can be quite remarkable.